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Hello! I am GCROCK and I am a video games content creator. I also founded The Second Wave clan, and the GCROCK and The Second Wave Discord Community. You can find out more about them further on. 

I love to make content that guides the viewer to achieve something, and I love live streaming with subscribers and community members. My two dedicated games are The Division 2 and Destiny 2, but expect a lot more as I am a gamer that likes to experience many games. Check out some of my content below and please hit subscribe to help me achieve my goals in 2020. 

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The Second Wave is a very active and managed clan that was found by GCROCK. The clan quickly became the biggest clan on The Division 2 and now stands at over 1300 members across all three platforms. We have recently made Destiny 2 a dedicated game for the clan and have a clan on each platform as we look to grow it in the same way that we did with The Division 2. As well as our dedicated games, our clan members also have fun on Rocket League, Call of Duty, FIFA and many more games.

Our values are very simple, we are not here to aim for set targets or show off how good we are, we simply just want to game, have fun and make friends. We give you a great environment to do this in our Discord Community and you get to set your own gaming goals and play the games that you want to play while making new friends. Anyone is welcome and we have a clan management structure that allows for unlimited growth and opportunities. 


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Capt Ganoes Paran









SHDTECH _Unknown

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Sean Penfold

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The Second Wave Streamteam is a team of clan members who stream and make content for The Second Wave Youtube channel. Many members set up streams to help people through tough content in the games that we play. They also do incredible things like the all ladies charity raid stream below!



Dark Hours Completion Photo
Dark Hours Completion Photo
Dark Hours Completion Photo
Eagle Bearer Photo
Penny Gifts Mark a Big Horn
District Union Arena Legendary Completion Photo
Capitol Hill Legendary Completion Photo
GCROCK and The Second Wave

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Our community members and channel subscribers often ask how best they can support us. My answer is anyway that you can! From subscribing to our channels and watching our streams and content, to joining our community and getting involved, every bit of support is vital. With the support that you have given so far I have been able to go part time on this and my main goal is to go full time. Being full time will allow me to keep improving at a faster pace and we will be able to reach the full potential of what we are building, and then set new goals to achieve. Below are all the different ways that you can support, thank you so much for any support that you give!

We have two Youtube channels that offer you streams and content. By subscribing to these channels and liking what we put out, you will help us get our content recommended by Youtube to give us more exposure. We also have membership options on both channels for those that enjoy the streams for £5 per month that unlock a loyalty badge and custom emojis.

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Our Discord community is the home of everything that we do and is a super busy place with a lot going on. What our community achieves would be impossible without the support of the members that join us and get active. Our members are what makes the community what it is and many push on for team positions to go above and beyond to support the community even more. Members can also boost our Discord server with Discord Nitro to allow us to keep all of our cool unlocks!


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GCROCK and The Second Wave

We are all over social media and use the platforms to showcase the great things that go on in our community and on our Youtube channels. The only little exception is my GCROCK Twitter because I sometimes use that to share my opinions on things. You can support us on social media by liking/following our pages and then liking/sharing our posts if you want to help spread them. I am currently looking for a social media manager to help me manage all of the platforms.

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Patreon allows supporters who want to support financially to make a monthly pledge. All supporters that pledge will get access to my personal Discord server where you have a more intimate environment with myself and the community admins. There are more perks depending on what tier you pledge to.

Patreon is what has helped me go part time a lot sooner than I expected and I am truly grateful for the support shown. Find out more about Patreon below;

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Dark Hours Completion Photo

We take a photo every time we help somebody with a Dark Hours completion and share them in our community.