A) Join The Bot Patrol for £4.99 per month (GCROCK Channel Membership)

B) Join The Bot Patrol for £4.99 per month (The Second Wave Channel Membership)

C) Join The Bot Patrol from $1 per month (Patreon)


Thanks to the people that sign up to The Bot Patrol I am currently working part-time as a video games content creator. I can put the time that is needed into making my Youtube channel successful, and in turn pushing growth for our fantastic community. Growth is something that we must always aim for to help maintain what we have built and push on! Words cannot describe how important the support has been via Patreon pledges and Channel Memberships, and it is this continued support that will help me go full-time and for our community to push on. 

As a thank you to everyone that pledges and supports me this way, you all get invited to my private Bot Patrol Discord Server, and I try to stream once per week just for Bot Patrol members. You can join the Bot Patrol and support me to do this full-time through GCROCK and TSW Channel Memberships, or Patreon. Channel memberships are £4.99 per month and you will get channel loyalty badges that show in video comments and live stream chat of that channel. Patreon has different tiers of rewards from $1 per month, a few examples are below.


*All channel members also receive Tier 2 Patreon perks but Patrons cannot get loyalty badges in video comments and streams. All Patreon perks are managed through The Bot Patrol Discord Server.

The Bot Patrol