Hello Agents of The Division, The Summit is coming on September 22nd 2020 and we are doing an event for it. The event is called "Race to The Summit" and our community wants to push this as much as we can. We are a positive community that is heavilly based on The Division 2 and we want to spread positivity on the release of Title Update 11 and The Summit. Positivity is what we build our community on and we make lasting memories while building real life friendships, we want as many people aware of this as possible so they can get involved and find out just how fun this game can be. 

This event is open to everyone on every platform and you just need to follow the rules below to take part. The Second Wave members (+ Friends of TSW) will also be able to take part in the giveaway which is discussed further down;

  • You need a team of 4 to take part. Solo players, and 2 to 3 person teams cannot take part. I have created a channel in our Discord server called "the_summit_lfg" for you to link with others. You are also allowed to name one substitute who can switch in if needed.

  • Your team must allocate a squad leader who will be responsible for making sure that all these rules and guidelines are followed. 

  • From the day of release your team will have one week (up to 23:59PM on Monday 28th September UK time) to start your race.

  • Somebody in your squad MUST stream your attempt from start to finish and I must be able to re-watch this after the event is over.

  • The winners of this event will be the quickest team to finish the mode by calling in the chopper at the end of floor 100. Your timer starts as soon as the elavator door closes to take you to floor 1. 

  • Breaks are allowed but only if you are done for the day and want to come back later, there will be no other breaks allowed and any other breaks will be adding to your time. You must state on stream that you are calling it a day and the timer will pause there. The timer will start again as soon as the elavator door closes to take you back to where you were when you continue. Quick tip; a good time to have a break would be once you have passed a set of 10 floors as this will be a checkpoint that you can come back to. If you were to take a break at floor 68, you would have to come back at floor 60 when you are ready to go again. 

  • All teams will have 72 hours to complete the summit from the moment they start it and will fail if they go over this. 

  • The squad leader must make sure that all players in their squad do not go past floor 50 outside of this event until it is finished. This is a race and we need it to be fair, we cannot complete the mode and then do it again to improve our times as this will be seen as cheating.

  • Once I find out the winners of the event I will contact you for a chat and make a video shoutout, if any of your squad want me to shoutout your channels I will do this. I will be announcing winners for each platform. All winning teams on each platform will have the option to have a stream with me doing anything they want. I will also share footage of your winning run. 

  • To enlist in this event, the squad leader HAS to be a member of our discord which will be linked below. You will need to post in a channel named "race_to_the_summit" telling me the gamertags of your 4-person team, the channel that it will be streamed on and a rough date and start time. You must also re-tweet my tweet below or share my facebook post and confirm to me that it has been done. I will then take care of the rest. Please DO NOT attempt to cheat to give your team an advantage in anyway, if I have any doubts whatsoever, your team will be disqualified. And just to be super clear, this is a race from floor 1-100, you cannot skip any floors. 

Our Discord Server: https://discord.gg/gcrock

Re-Tweet this tweet: https://twitter.com/GCROCK6/status/1307305041238405122

or Share this Facebook Post: https://www.facebook.com/gcrock6/posts/4323108237764115
(if the leader does not have Twitter or Facebook, a team member can do it. Just let me know who)


Members of The Second Wave will also be eligible for our giveaway. You must be a member before today to be in this so if you are not, be sure to join us so you are eligible for the next giveaway! Friends of TSW will also be allowed to win this. The same rules above will apply and the quickest TSW squad to finish The Summit for the first time will win £200 (£50 vouchers each for their platform of choice). Your team does not have to be from the same in-game clan, we are one big clan and as long as your team were all apart of a TSW or Friends of TSW clan before today, you will be eligible for this giveaway. This giveaway WILL NOT be for each platform and will just be for the quickest TSW squad overall. 


All winners will be announced in a video before the 5th October 2020. And on a final note; Please do not take this too seriously or get too competitive. Yes, have fun but remember it is fun. If we see any belittling or lack of respect you will be disqualified. If you have any further questions you can reach me in my Discord server above. Please also subscribe to my Youtube channels below to support what I do, and a final thank you to The Bot Patrol who help make things like this happen! You can also join that below too if you would like to help make more things like this happen in the future. Thank you all and good luck!


GCROCK Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/gcrock

The Second Wave Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/thesecondwave


The Bot Patrol: https://www.patreon.com/gcrock