The Second Wave

The Second Wave was founded by GCROCK and is home to the biggest clan on The Division 2 with thousands of members across multiple platforms. We also have multiple clans for Destiny 2 and have spread to other games as well. 

Anybody is welcome to join our clan and there are no targets. You simply need to join our Discord Community to apply and we will give you a home. Once in our community you are asked to treat others with respect, leave any toxicity at the door and just have fun. We encourage you to link up with community members that are part of our clan, and ones that are not, we are one big family.

One of the things that we are proud of is the amount of people that we help. Helping people was the basis of our community and clan and we help thousands! We do it while creating an environment that anybody can feel welcome in without judgement, and we have teams that stream the great things that we do to our clan Youtube channel. Our teams stream daily and you can subscribe by clicking the image at the top. You can also find TSW on social media;

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