10 Things We Learned from the GTA VI Trailer


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The GTA VI trailer was released earlier than planned after a leak and here are 10 things that we learned from it!

The trailer for GTA VI was supposed to be released worldwide on December 5th (today) but yesterday Rockstar put a Tweet out stating the trailer was leaked so they wanted to share it with you sooner. Since the release of the trailer it has already amassed over 60 million hits on Youtube and is breaking entertainment records for trailers. It is safe to say people were interested in this one. Check out the trailer below and then I go over 10 things that we learned from watching it!

1. GTA VI Will Release in 2025 on Console ONLY

At the end of the trailer a brief date is revealed as to when we can expect the latest instalment and that will be in 2025. After waiting over a decade for a sequel to GTA V I am sure we don't mind waiting a little longer but fans were hoping for a 2024 date. The good news is that it seems it will be an early 2025 release judging by some reports stating they expect some huge profits in the fiscal year leading up to March 2025. Take from this what you will but I imagine they expect those profits from the release of GTA VI.

In another report it has been confirmed that GTA VI will be released on the latest gen consoles only. It will not be released on Xbox One or PS4, and if you are a PC player then you will have to wait longer for the PC release of the game just like with GTA V. 

2. GTA IV Features a Woman as the Main Character

For the first time in a GTA title a woman will be taking a leading role in the main campaign. From the trailer we meet Lucia who looks to be the main character. We see her inside and outside of prison and then later in the trailer we meet Jason who we believe to be the second character that we are going to taking control over. There's a Bonnie and Clyde feel towards the end of the trailer so I expect some sort of love story between the pair.

3. We are Returning to Vice City

It has been no secret that GTA VI was going to be back in Vice City and the trailer confirms this. Vice City is Rockstars fictional take on Miami, Florida. 

4. There are Alligators!

During the trailer there are three instances where we see alligators! We see them in a swamp scene, there is one being pulled out from a swimming pool, and then one is seen breaking into a shop. If there is not a mission where we are going to have to take on an alligator and wrestle with it in GTA VI, I will be really disappointed! 

5. There are Drones!

During the beach scene in the trailer you will notice a drone hanging around above. This could be seen as a bit of an Easter Egg to the original GTA Vice City game where there was a mission called "Demolition Man". This mission had you take control of a remote control helicopter to plant some explosives. Either way, I think drones will be an ability we get to use in GTA VI.

6. GTA VI is Social Media Heavy!

It is clear from the trailer that GTA VI is going to be social media heavy! It appears they have captured modern day society very well and we see at least nine clips of social posts in the trailer. One thing you may have missed is where there is a woman stood up in a convertible car. If you look closely at the car in front, there is a guy recording her on his mobile phone. Social Media will obviously play a big part in the game and I am even expecting some side activities involving social media activities that you will need to complete towards 100% game completion. 

7. Lots of Vehicles!

A huge part of GTA is its vehicles and what you have access to. The trailer showcases a lot of these and you can expect to take control of all sorts of cars, bikes, boats and planes. There is one scene where we see the iconic Cheetah which is Rockstars take on a Ferrari. This car has been in every GTA title I believe and has taken on various forms. In the trailer we see the Cheetah alongside what seems to be a Porsche 911. Expect a lot of cars, a lot of customization and a few surprises guaranteed! 

8. More Easter Eggs than You Can Count!

The GTA VI trailer is only 1 minute and 30 seconds in length and right from the get go it starts hitting us with hidden easter eggs. There are that many it would require its own blog post and then I would still probably miss some. One of the best ones is in the scene where you see the Cheetah, if you look into the distance you will notice some neon lights and if you look closely enough, the lights could spell "Ocean View Hotel". The Ocean View Hotel was the first safe house you unlocked in the original Vice City game and I think we can expect to find this again in GTA VI. Could it even be our first safehouse again? Time will tell. 

9. Expect the Map to be Huge!

One of the biggest discussions around GTA VI is the map and just how big it will be. From the trailer it is safe to assume very big! There are numerous scenes where we can see the Vice City skyline and the amount of buildings. Comparing this to that of Los Santos in GTA V, it is going to be bigger and more packed. We see scenes of the swamps which will be the Everglades and we also see what seems to be Vice City's take on the Florida Keys. The world looks stunning and I doubt they revealed all in the trailer.

10. GTA VI Will Break Every Record Imaginable

Within hours of the trailer dropping GTA VI is already breaking records and I think it is safe to say that GTA VI is going to go down as the most anticipated games ever. The hype around GTA VI is nothing new and we have been waiting for this announcement for years. We knew it was coming because of leaks, and we know that when Rockstar makes a game, they do it very well! GTA V is still going very strong after a decade. When GTA VI releases it will take over the world, you don't even need to be a gamer to know what GTA stands for and in 2025 I believe will will witness one of the best games ever created. 

With everything that is negative in the gaming world right now, this trailer was much needed and I am for one very excited to see more as we approach the release of the new game. It has been a long time coming but GTA VI is officially coming!

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