The Division 2 2023 Holiday Event and All You Need to Know


The Division 2 Holiday Event

Everything you need to know about this years Holiday Event on The Division 2!

After a bit of a delay the Holiday Event went live yesterday on The Division 2. This year sees a new format introduced in the form of 15 daily projects that will reward you with past and new items, the Julmust Hunter Mask returns, and of course the Loot Goblin! Continue reading or watch the video below to find out everything you need to know about the event.

The Division 2 Winter Project

Brand new for the 2023 Holiday Event is the Winter Project. In total we will be given 15 projects that will reward us with 15 items. Five of these items will be from past events while ten of them will be brand new items. It isn't clear what items these will be but so far we have had a Santa Hat and a Jingle Bell Emote. I imagine everything we have had so far in previous years Holiday Events will be included in these projects which include the full Santa Suit and some skins. 

Each day for the first 15 days of the event we will unlock another project with another reward but they are not time gated to that particular day. The only time gate is that you have to wait a day for each project, but all projects stack up and all rewards will be obtainable right the way up to January 9th 2024 when the Holiday Event on The Division 2 comes to end. 

Loot Goblin

Even though we have a new Winter Project this year it doesn't mean the Loot Goblin has gone anywhere! During the Holiday Event you can still farm the Loot Goblin for any of his festive rewards like in previous years. 

The Loot Goblin has three rewards attached to him and he will drop just one of them every time you kill him. These are;

  • The Sleigher (Snowball SMG)
  • Oh Carol (Sniper Rifle)
  • Chill Out Mask

The good news is that once you have killed the Loot Goblin and got your reward you can just log out of the game and then back in to make him spawn again. This means you can farm the Loot Goblin for all rewards and the right roles that you want if you have anything in mind. I include multiple farming locations in the video at the top of this page but my new favourite location is just outside of the DZ South entrance.

Julmust Hunter Mask

For whatever reason the Julmust Hunter Mask was not in last years Holiday Event but it does make a return this year! This is a secret mask that only drops during the Holiday Event and it has Santa painted onto the Hunter Mask. To get this you simply need to complete floor 100 of the Summit and this can be done on any difficulty. Even on normal the 100 floor grind can be a long one so if you need any help I suggest you check out our Discord for players that may already have a high floor saved to save you a lot of time! Just complete floor 100 and receive the mask. 

Legacy Bundle

For 2 weeks only there has been a Legacy Bundle added to the store in The Division 2. This bundle includes past weapon skins, emotes and gear dyes for a cost of some Phoenix Credits. I am not sure if these items are available in the normal store or not but it is a great opportunity to get them if you want them before the bundle ends. 

Except for the Legacy Bundle, all Holiday Event items are available to players from now and up to the 9th of January 2024! You have plenty of time to go and grind them out. Enjoy the 2023 Holiday Event on The Division 2 and keep an eye out on the Youtube channel for any tips for any projects as we go. 

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