Fastest Way to Unlock the Vindicator Exotic Rifle in The Division 2


The Division 2 Vindicator Exotic

How to Unlock the Vindicator Exotic Rifle in The Division 2

The new season is here for The Division 2 and with it brings some brand new exotics that include the new Vindicator exotic rifle. To get your hands on this new exotic you must purchase it using NSA credits at the NSA vendor. This vendor is attached to your rewards from the Descent game mode which means you will need to play this mode in order to get it. In this post I give you a rundown of the new Vindicator exotic and give you some tips on the fastest way to get it unlocked and in your inventory! A video is below if you prefer that format.

Vindicator Exotic Rifle

Here is a rundown of what you get with the new exotic rifle. The core attribute gives you rifle damage and the you get critical hit damage as the secondary attribute. The third attribute which can be changed at the crafting station later on is damage to targets out of cover. The talent on this new exotic rifle is called "Ortiz Assault Interface" which is described; While scoped, the weapon will highlight a random body section of each enemy. The weapon deals +75% weapon damage to highlighted body sections. 

And here are the list of mods that are equipped to the weapon that cannot be changed;

  • Vindicator Scope (+15% Accuracy)
  • Vindicator Magazine (+5 Rounds)
  • Vindicator Grip (+15% Stability)
  • Vindicator Muzzle (+10% Optimal Range)
Vindicator Scoped Highlighted Enemies

How to Unlock the Vindicator Exotic Rifle

The new exotic rifle is locked behind the Descent game mode which has caused a little bit of controversy among the fanbase with many not enjoying the mode. When asked why this is locked behind the mode the developers wanted something of value to add extra reward for playing it. They feel it is not too difficult to achieve the new exotic and it will give players a chance to check out the new changes to the mode. 

The Vindicator is a guaranteed item that you can purchase from the NSA station. It costs 350 NSA currency and this currency can only be gained from playing the Descent game mode. It is worth mentioning that although the Vindicator is locked behind the Descent game mode, once you have it you can use it like any other item outside of the game mode.

NSA Station Vindicator Rifle

Fastest Way to Earn NSA Currency

Here is a breakdown of how you earn NSA currency while playing the Descent game mode;
  • You earn NSA currency at the end of every loop in Descent starting at 10 currency after the loop one arena. Currency will slightly rise the higher the loop you are
  • You earn 55 NSA currency by defeating the Nemesis. The Nemesis is the main boss in Descent which you get to go against once you rise the Nemesis heat to 100%. This will happen between the end of loop 4-9 depending on your room choice as you play.
  • You can earn a good amount of NSA currency from random boss rooms that can spawn as you play. These are separate from the end of loop arena rooms and they appear as a skull icon on the room selection. You will earn around 29 NSA currency from the first random boss room that spawns and again this will rise slightly as you go higher up in loops.
As soon as the requirement for the NSA currency is met you will obtain it instantly. This means you can back out of the mode if needed and it will be stored in your inventory resources.

The fastest way to earn NSA currency is to play the mode up to the Nemeses and defeat it. Once defeated you want to quit your game, start again and repeat. You can make the Nemesis spawn in quicker by making sure you choose the easier rooms when you have a choice of what room you want to do. Easier rooms increase the Nemesis heat more than harder rooms. So focus on the easier rooms with the exception of any random boss rooms that appear with the skull icon! You will want to complete the any random boss rooms for extra NSA currency as you go. 

It shouldn't take any more than three complete Nemesis runs of this mode to get the 350 NSA currency that is required for the new Vindicator exotic rifle. For people that can do this efficiently it shouldn't take no longer than 2-3 hours to get this done. 

If you struggle with the game mode you can make this very easy and just farm the loop one arena. Every time you complete the loop one arena you will get 10 NSA currency and it is super easy to do even for beginner's. Complete loop one and then back out, and then rinse and repeat. This way is not efficient and I advise you just go as far as you can but with this method you should get 350 NSA currency in about 5 hours of play time. 

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