About Me



Welcome to my "About Me"

I am GCROCK and I create content for video games full time. Being able to do this full time has been a dream since a young age and I cannot thank the people that support me enough for allowing me to do this. I am a 36 year old Dad to three children from Chester UK and before content creation I had careers in retail, call centre's and the care industry. I was once a store manager for a DIY store, I was also a service manager for a supported living care service. Now that I have my dream job, my next goal is to reach 100,000 subscribers on Youtube and get a hold of that Youtube Play Button!

A lot of people ask me what is "GCROCK" or where did the name come from. GCROCK was the first name I chose when I picked up my PS3 and I had to create my first Playstation Network ID. I am a huge fan of music and my favourite band is Good Charlotte. GCROCK is just an acronym for "Good Charlotte Rock" and it stuck.

I am active on a lot of platforms! I have three Youtube channels, a Twitch, I am the founder of the GCROCK Discord Community, and you can also find me on X (Twitter), Instagram and TikTok. I use this webpage to post written content to co-align with my video content.

What to expect from my Youtube channels;
  • GCROCK: This is my main channel, my stream schedule is Monday to Friday from 8PM UK till late. I also aim to release no-nonsense videos for the games that I cover. Videos range from guides to news videos, with experimental videos in-between.
  • GCROCK Plays: This is my second channel and I use it to share highlights from the streams on the main channel. I also upload trophy/achievement guides which is a big hobby of mine, and I will stream on the channel when I want to playthrough older games or the main channel has no space for another stream.
  • GCROCK Community: This is my community channel where I will share content created by our community members. Community members will also stream to the channel.
This is me in a nutshell. You will get to learn that I am a huge fan of The Division franchise and this content will always take priority but I like to create content for all sorts of games. My content evolves all the time but I try and keep everything to the point and without the nonsense. Thank you for supporting me however you chose to do it!