GCROCK Discord Community

Join Me & 30,000+ Members in My GCROCK Discord Community

Our Discord community is more than just any other gaming community or content creator's space to share links. Just "Click Here" to join us! Below is more about what our Discord Community is;
  • I originally created the Discord Server to act as a place where viewers of my streams could connect between the streams.
  • As it grew we developed some non-negotiable foundations. These were that we grew a space where all forms of toxicity was managed, and people were not judged for who they were or how they wanted to play games.
  • Our Discord Community is a family environment where we welcome people from all walks of life with open arms. Your first day inside of our Discord Server is the start of your journey with us. 
  • I grew the Discord off the back of the work I did with The Division so it is very Division heavy! We have been putting a lot of work into broadening the server though in recent years to be more of a "Gaming Community" over a "Division Community". 
  • As a Division player you will find the best space on Discord for you. We have teams that help with all of the tough endgame content. LFG channels are there for you to link up with others and make friends. We manage over 50 clans across all platforms and you are all welcome to join a TSW clan, and if you want to give back we have a community team that you can be a part of to join us in helping community members with content.
  • As a none Division player we have channels and clans for Destiny 2 and Diablo 4. There are channels for other games too as well as channels for general purpose. One of our main goals is to keep expanding the server with new games.
  • Every month I try to create an engaging event to engage with members. These events will vary month by month and won't just be related to The Division. 
  • You can earn community trophies/titles to have special roles added to your profile! Check out our trophy lists to give you something to do and show off your role to the community upon completion. 
  • Community Championships/Tournaments are held on a regular basis where we get community members to compete for champion roles. These events will always rotate and when they do, the current champion must defend their role in order to keep it! 

Join our Discord Community today and start your journey with us!