GCROCK 6-Year Anniversary Update


GCROCK 6 Year Anniversary Update

GCROCK 6 Year Anniversary Update

I wanted to write a quick message to everyone who supports me and the community that we've created. Its now been SIX years since this journey began and it still feels like we're only just getting started. These past six years have had their ups and downs and I've experimented with all sorts since. Throughout this time, your backing has been constant. Without it, this journey would already be over and there wouldn't be any GCROCK or GCROCK Community.

Every anniversary I like to share a quick update with you all and discuss where my head's at, where its heading and my current vision. Since this anniversary lands towards the end of the year, I'd like to set some goals for the following year while taking a moment to discuss this past year's goals;

2023 was about implementation. Changes were made based on lessons we've learned over the years. I promised a better Discord experience, more community engagement and brand new Community Trophies v2 which tie everything together. I couldn't give any timeframes for this because I wanted to make quality progress without the rush. Up until this point, I feel we've sufficiently delivered everything except for community engagement & community trophies. 

Community Trophies V2 will go live before this year is out! In fact, shortly after this goes out, I'll have another post with a complete guide on how Community Trophies V2 will work. This has been a long time coming and I thank you for all your patience. 

Earlier this year I was very lucky and had the chance to do a content creators course with StoneMountain64, Snoopeh & MrRoflWaffles. I learned so much it inspired me to experiment more. This in turn delayed a lot of what I wanted to do, but I'm now ready to take on 2024 with you so here are my goals;

  • I want to have consistency with my content. To get this right, I'll stick to a stricter streaming schedule where I stream Monday through Friday from 8PM UK until late.
  • I will not be aiming for daily VOD's. This is to help create better content. Less video content but better quality.
  • I want to hold regular community events.
  • I want to focus more on the content YOU want to see while still doing things I enjoy without effecting the reasons you support me.
  • How I see it, the main GCROCK channel will go back to its roots where we focus on helping the community more with whatever difficult content that I'm doing. I feel we've lost touch with this in recent times. It won't completely overtake the channel, there will simply be a lot more of it. While away from the main channel, I'll stream the games I just want to casually enjoy on my GCROCK Plays channel. These two channels will work hand in hand ensuring I keep delivering the content you want to see, while getting in some extra fun time!

There's so much I want to do in the new year and I'm eager to engage more with you all! Your support has been incredible--if I could thank you all personally I would! 

Looking forward to recapping more over this coming year!


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