Call of Duty Community Championship Guidelines


Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

Call of Duty Community Championship

The Call of Duty Community Championship is a regular event that we run within our Discord Community and this article has been created to explain how it works. Anyone that is a member of our community is able to take part and you must have a team of six players with one being the team captain. Team captains must also have a few subs at hand in the event they need to switch players out. Subs should only ever be used for emergency and not planned, and if you have no subs to replace a player in this scenario, you will be forced to continue with the squad you have. 

You can find out who our current champions are within our "Records" forum in the Discord Server, and then the team captain must contact GCROCK through the "Contact Us" ticketing system to put in your challenge request.


Once a challenge has been accepted by GCROCK the two team captains will arrange a date and time for the championship match to take place. The team captains are in charge of their squad selection but the championship holder must give first priority to their last squad before finding any replacements. GCROCK will chose a member of the community who will be the COD Caster during the event and also the event referee. 

  • The two team captains are in charge of making sure their teams know the rules and structure of the event. There will be a brief rundown of the rules in the server but this document should be read by all
  • A community channel will open up for you in the Discord that will be moderated by admins. Teams must use this to communicate any event information
  • The person in charge of COD Casting (The Referee) will host the private match and will be responsible for setting up the private lobby and matches
  • Modern Warfare 3 is the current game used for this championship and the two teams will play each other in Team Deathmatch, Domination, Search and Destroy, Kill Confirmed, Hardpoint and Control. Each team will get to decide a map for each mode and the modes will be played twice
  • Each team will also get to decide if the game is played on Core or Hardcore when it is their map of choice for each mode
  • No other default settings are allowed to be changed and the COD Caster will also be streaming the event so that there is evidence of settings being set up
  • There are no other restrictions! All players are free to use any in-game settings that they like and set themselves up however they want to. Your controller input is also personal preference but cheating is not allowed. Cheating is classed but not limited to using aimbots, cronus max, wall hacks etc. Any cheating allegation will be took seriously and it will be investigated. Take Note; Private match loadouts are separate and all players should set their loadouts up before the event starts.
  • The winner of the championship will be the team that wins the most rounds. All rounds must be played even if it becomes mathematically impossible for a team to win. In the event of a draw a tie break will be played where the mode, map and hardcore setting is randomized. The winner of the tie break will be champions
  • At the end of the event players will be scored and an MVP will be named. The winning team will earn the Call of Duty Championship Community Trophy. All participating members will earn the Competition Placement Community Trophy, and the MVP will earn the Event MVP community trophy
  • Each team must have at least one person streaming the event live! You are encouraged to get as many team members streaming as you can so that we can create better highlights for the event afterwards and our community Youtube channel can be used to stream the event if needed. No music is to be used when streaming, and all Youtube & Other platform guidelines must be met
  • We like to say no swearing is allowed in our streams but we are aware this will be next to impossible and want you to have fun. Please keep it limited if you can but all communication must be in good context and break no community guidelines of Youtube or other platforms
  • No stream sniping is allowed! Players taking part are not allowed to watch any stream from an opposing player!


Discord is to be used for team comms. As the event starts both teams should all be in the same voice channel for pre-match discussion. The COD Caster will act as the event host and ask the squads some questions before the first round starts. Once ready the two teams will have to be in their own private Discord channels. Nobody else except for your current squad should be in your private chat and the COD Caster will be able to jump in either chat at times if they feel it is needed to communicate anything. Squad members from each team should not enter the other teams chat under no circumstance. After all rounds have been played both teams will link back up into one channel with the COD Caster asking both squads questions before they close the event off.

Please allow the COD Caster to do their thing and allow people to speak. Things can get overwhelming if 12 people are all speaking at the same time and the COD Caster will give both squads opportunity to get some final words in before the event starts and after.

Open comms between both teams will create banter and can create tension. If you feel yourself getting a little annoyed just remember it is all fun and not to take anything too serious! We want these streams to be positive and we want the viewers to enjoy it! More people will want to get involved if they see adults can play games together in a competitive way and have fun! It also works the other way, if somebody seems to be getting a little bit annoyed with the banter, just lay off them! 


The one issue we cannot really get around is ping, lag and latency during these events. We want it to be as fair as possible and anybody to take part but the issues above may effect everyone differently. One argument we have had is that the session owner for the private match will have advantage so the COD Caster will always be the session owner for this purpose among others.

For the most part when we experience high lag spikes it also effects everyone and not just one team. The COD Caster will be keeping an eye out for how lag may effect each round and can make a decision to restart a round if they feel a team is gaining a huge advantage because of it, or the round becomes unplayable.The COD Caster will take a lot of things into account when making these decisions.

There are also instances where an individual could be causing the huge lag spikes and this can sometimes be seen when one persons ping is maxed out at 999. In the event where it is judged that one persons ping is causing the issues we will ask every player to restart their games and try again. If the problem carries on we will ask for that individual to be subbed out for a sub.

With all this said, all players need to expect some form of lag during the whole event and you are to assume it is happening to everyone and not just your team. Under no circumstance should you quit playing because 99% of the time it sorts itself out quite quickly. Disconnects can also happen so if they do, just jump back in as soon as you can. Anyone that disconnects can rejoin very quickly.

Please do not jump into the other teams chat to inform them you are lagging, please do not interrupt the round in any other way. Just play the round the best that you can, get the round completed and then report your lagging issues to the COD Caster after the round is finished. The COD Caster will investigate the lag with what they have also seen while watching, and they will make the final decision on how to move forward which must be respected. If a round is unplayable, the COD Caster will make that call.

In the event where the above rules are not followed and a team quits or interferes with another team, you will forfeit that round. We need to remember that a restart is used as last resort and we want to collect all the information about the match before we do that. 99% of the time lag will not effect how the round plays out because it happens to everyone when it happens. The COD Caster needs to see a round in full to make such decisions.

Rematch Clause

The losing team is entitled to request a rematch if the losing score is no greater than 7-5. A rematch must be requested within 3 days of the end of the event and has to take place within one calendar month of the original date. The championship holders will not be able to defend their championship against another squad until the rematch has taken place.

If the losing squad loses by 6 or more rounds they will not be allowed to request a rematch. They will be able to challenge again though after one calendar month of the original date.

In the event that a team loses but then wins their rematch, a third championship match can take place regardless of the round score of the rematch. The championship will turn into a best of three with the winner being crowned champions! This final match must take place within one calendar month of the last match. There will be no rematch allowed after this instance and the losing side can challenge again after one calendar month.

Obviously team selection may have to alter if the event goes on past one championship match. The team captains must always be involved but they can bring in subs if other squad members can not make certain dates. The original squad members must always have first priority though! A championship trophy will be given to anyone that took part in the event for the winning team.

Cooling-Off Period

After a squad has won the Call of Duty Community Championship with no rematches to be played, they are entitled to have a one month break from competing. If a team challenges in this period then a date for the next championship can be set up to two calendar months after the last match the champions played.

Outside of the cooling-off period the champions will be required to set a date with any challengers within one calendar month of the challenge being approved by GCROCK. Discussions and adaptions can be made as we know people have lives but in the event the champions refuse to defend, they will be stripped of the championship and it will go up to grabs.

In-between championship events players are free to transfer between any teams and the captaincy of teams can change.


Everything is better when there is something on the line! Any form of betting or gambling is not allowed but if you have any ideas to add a bit more spice to the event, this can be discussed with GCROCK. Teams must follow through with any forfeit with evidence or they will be banned from taking part in the event until further notice.

Event Report

After a championship event GCROCK will create an event report that will be posted on this website. This report is the highlight the stats of the event and to create a bit of event history. The MVP will also be named in the report. The MVP award is for individual effort during the event and players are scored as followed;
  • Team Deathmatch:1 point for being on the winning team, 1 point for most kills, 1 point for highest kd
  • Domination: 1 point for being on the winning team, 1 point for most kills, 1 point for most captures, 1 point for most defends
  • Search & Destroy: 1 point for being on the winning team, 1 point for most kills, 1 point for most plants, 1 point for most defuses
  • Kill Confirmed: 1 point for being on the winning team, 1 point for most captures, 1 point for most denies
  • Hardpoint: 1 point for being on the winning team, 1 point for most kills, 1 point for most time on objective, 1 point for most defends
  • Control: 1 point for being on the winning team, 1 point for most kills, 1 point for most captures, 1 point for most defends
In the event that players tie on any of the above stats, all players will receive a point. Any tie-breaker will also be scored.

Please make sure all players are using their main account to play the event. If they have multiple accounts they should use the account with the most time played on it. This will allow us to collect the most accurate data for the event report.

Content Rights

GCROCK will have non-exclusive rights to any content that is streamed or recorded by anyone during the event. This means that I can use your content on any of my channels or social media as if it was my own but you will also keep the same rights to your content. These rights are needed in order for me to create highlights and push these sorts of events.

Championship Etiquette

When it comes to competition and competitive players we know that banter and mind games will be played. Please take all of this in good faith and try and refrain from any frustration. Frustration can happen but if it does just move on and forget.

There are no excuses, if you lose then you lose! There are no if's or but's and there is no way that you should expect another team to play. As long as teams play within the guidelines then they're free to play how they want! Even if it means they camp the whole time.

No friendships should be lost over a game and a bit of fun. If somebody winds you up, move on from it! If you feel someone is taking things too far then tell them. Keep it fun, it's just a game and a bit of fun!

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