Call of Duty Community Championship Report - Team GCROCK vs Team Drag (27th Jan 2024)


Call of Duty Community Event

Call of Duty Community Championship Report: Team GC vs Team Drag (27th January 2024)

The very first of what we hope to be many of our brand new Call of Duty Community Championship matches. This was mainly used as a pilot for the new championship to iron out any creases and to get the guidelines for the event as best as we could get them. I have to say, it delivered everything that I was wanting it to and a huge thank you to all that took part! One thing I want to do with these sort of community events is to create records for them to give them a history and prestige. You can find a history of the event in our Discord Server and I will create these after action reports to record them on the website. 

For the very first championship match we had Team GC vs Team Drag. In all of these after action reports we will list the teams along with some relatable stats so we can see what the teams are up against. This is how these two teams paired off for this event;

Team GC Stats

Team Drag Stats

Looking at the stats Team GCROCK was up against it! Team Dragunov had an average of more than 1 day played, they score more per minute and they kill more with a higher KD. Not everything is how it seems on paper though and Team GC were very confident with their past experience in COD titles, even with the newcomer to gaming Lady Rock in the squad.

Discovering the teams past, both teams had some COD veterans and some players that had a lot less experience. The overall thought from Team GC was that this game was going to be very tight, while Team Dragunov were very confident of the win even making a call on Mew being MVP! They had right to be confident though and they shown up with a plan in hand and they executed it to near perfection. 

The end result was 9-4 to Team Dragunov but the game was much closer than the scoreline suggests. There wasn't many rounds where there was an outright winner with most hanging in the balance. There was even a restart of a round due to lag where Team GC felt aggrieved as they were dominating at the moment the lag spike hit and on the restart they got the opposite spawn which made things more difficult and they lost.

There was no excuses though and the best team won! Team Dragunov shown that they are going to be a force to be reckoned with and made sure no re-match clause could be activated with Team GC just needing 1 more win. They worked hard and they got their reward of being the first ever Call of Duty Community Champions! We cannot wait to see who challenges them next to try and snatch this championship away from them. On the basis of what we saw in this championship match it will be hard to not class Team Drag as favorites. Well done squad, you were amazing! and well done Team GC, you shown up and gave them a game that they had to be their best on.

Watch the match highlights in our Youtube Playlist

Round Results

Game 1 Round 1 (Team GC 1 - 0 Team Drag)
Team Deathmatch: MEAT

Round 1 Game 1

Game 1 Round 2 (Team GC 1 - 1 Team Drag)
Team Deathmatch: RUST

Game 1 Round 2

Game 2 Round 1 (Team GC 1 - 2 Team Drag)
Domination: SCRAPYARD

Game 2 Round 1

Game 2 Round 2 (Team GC 1 - 3 Team Drag)
Domination: INVASION

Game 2 Round 2

Game 3 Round 1 (Team GC 1 - 4 Team Drag 4)
Search & Destroy: WASTELAND

Game 3 Round 1

Game 3 Round 2 (Team GC 2 - 4 Team Drag)
Search & Destroy: RIO

Game 3 Round 2

Game 4 Round 1 (Team GC 3 - 4 Team Drag)
Kill Confirmed: SKIDROW

Game 4 Round 1

Game 4 Round 2 (Team GC 3 - 5 Team Drag)
Kill Confirmed: SHIPMENT

Game 4 Round 2

Game 5 Round 1 (Team GC 3 - 6 Team Drag)
Hardpoint: TERMINAL

Game 5 Round 1

Game 5 Round 2 (Team GC 4 - 6 Team Drag)
Hardpoint: INVASION

Game 5 Round 2

Game 6 Round 1 (Team GC 4 - 7 Team Drag)
Control: KARACHI

Game 6 Round 1

Game 6 Round 2 (Team GC 4 - 8 Team Drag)
Control: DERAIL

Game 6 Round 2

Final Game (Team GC 4 - 9 Team Drag)

Final Game

MVP Results

The MVP award is an individual reward that goes to the player who who is judged to have performed the best during the championship. We take a look at each round and give points to players who have the best stats for certain areas. Full details on this community championship event along with how the MVP is scored can be found by clicking here.

  1. Macky - 16 Points
  2. Mew - 16 Points
  3. Google - 12 Points
  4. Max - 12 Points
  5. Rick - 12 points
  6. Avi - 11 Points
  7. Drag - 10 Points
  8. Milk - 7 Points
  9. Raddy - 7 Points
  10. Robbo - 4 Points
  11. GCROCK - 4 Points
  12. Lady Rock - 4 Points
Take note that the above ranking IS NOT a list of who performed best in order. You can see from all of the rounds above how well teams did with stats available for every player. The MVP list above is how many points people got by being the best in certain areas of each round. 

As you can see, Macky and Mew both scored the best in the MVP scoring so both share the award of MVP for this community championship.

And there you have it, our very first Call of Duty Community Championship Match Report! This was super fun to do and the audience really enjoyed it. We look forward to the next one and can Team Drag keep their crown?

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